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ArduDrop is a low cost device, based on Arduino platform, for environmental data acquirement in order to apply the FAO Penman-Monteith methodology (Allen et al., 1998) to calculate the evapotranspiration for crops, what will result in an adequate water management.


Download the general presentation of this devide from here (33 Mb *.ppt MSO 2003 file). Document in spanish.

Videos of the ArduDrop presentation at I Arduino Barcamp -Spain. (First part; Second part)

Present version:

  • Hardware version 1.3 (20110901)

  • Firmware version: 0.7a (20110901)


  • September 1st, 2011. Update to version 1.3 by adding of 2 optional sensors: an evaporation tank, and a rain gauge.

  • October 30th, 2010. Update to version 1.2 by adding of 2 shields (datalogger and screw/power), and wind speed sensor.

  • March 1st, 2010: Updated to version 1.1 by the inclusion of ground temperature sensors in order to derive geothermal flux.

  • December 28th, 2009: version 1.0

Under construction:

  • May, 2012: Wireless Bluetooth connection system.

  • November, 2011: New power supply based on LIPO battery, a solar cell and a battery charger (LIPO-Rider, Seeedstudio).

  • August, 2011: Software develop for ArduDrop-PC communications and data download.

  • December, 2010: multiples (3) combined soil temperature and moisture sensors for substitute the present soil moisture and soil thermal flux sensors.

  • May, 2011: Mini-evaporation tank with automatic measurement device to derive ET0, and compare the results with ArduDrop measured values. It will be an optional sensor for the ArduDrop 1.3 device.

  • May, 2011: 24LS256 EEPROM memory to save data, configuration parameters and error control for ArduDrop device.

  • May, 2011: Improvements on power issues for the ArduDrop device. Probably we will use a commercial solution (e.g., lipo-rider solar charger and li-po batteries).


  • Allen, R.G., Pereira, L.S., Raes, D., and Smith, M. 1998. Crop evapotranspiration: Guidelines for computing crop water requirements. Irrigation and drainage Paper No.56, FAO, Rome, Italy. 326 pp.

  • de Pablo H., M.A. y de Pablo S., C. 2010. Ardudrop 1.0: Dispositivo electrónico para el estudio de la humedad del suelo. Tecnologí@ y Desarrollo, 10: 06. 31 pp. (In spanish) [[Download](]

  • de Pablo H., M.A. y de Pablo S., C. 2011. Ardudrop 1.2: Nuevos sensores y mejoras en la electrónica. Tecnologí@ y Desarrollo, 11: 06. 31 pp. (In spanish) [[Download](]


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